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      [來源:www.anekajensen.com] [作者:網站建設] [日期:18-04-24] [瀏覽次數:]
      第一、既然是要找模板,肯定要找大氣的。 First, since we are looking for templates, we must look for the atmosphere. 大家對網站大氣這個詞的理解能力,以為尺寸大了,就是大氣了,這個完全是錯誤的,網站建設主導原則是客戶體驗。大氣就是其中一個原則。所謂大氣,是讓客戶看到你的網站之后,第一感覺就是舒服,沒有瑕疵,第一眼就能看到該有的東西有了,不該有的東西不不應該有。比如產品,這個必須要讓客戶第一眼看到,還有聯系方式。不該有的東西么,彈窗廣告什么的都是禁忌了。 Everyone's understanding of the word 's atmosphere is that the size of the atmosphere is big, it is the atmosphere, this is completely wrong, and the principle of building the website is the customer experience. The atmosphere is one of the principles. The so-called atmosphere, is to let customers see your website, the first feeling is comfortable, no defects, the first eye can see the things have, not something should have. For example, products must be first seen by customers, and there are ways to contact them. What should not be? Pop-up ads are taboo. 第二、創新導航欄目 Second. Innovation navigation column 很多的企業網站模板對這塊都是統一化的,就好像一個模子里刻出來一樣,百度喜歡新東西,欄目就是一個新樣式,你要改變你的樣式。千萬不要首頁,介紹,產品,新聞,資質,營銷,聯系方式等等一系列下來,這種方式太老套了,百度會喜歡么。我們應該這么做,欄目可以減少,但是不能再增加了,增加了客戶哪有時間一個個欄目看過來,客戶最多就是看產品,公司介紹和聯系方式,其他的,很少。順序可以調換下,這個完全沒問題。 A lot of enterprise website templates are unified, like a mold carved out, Baidu likes new things, column is a new style, you want to change your style. Do not want home page, introduction, product, news, qualification, marketing, contact ways and so on a series of down this way too old-fashioned, Baidu will like it. We should do this, the column can be reduced, but can not be added again, increase the customer which time one column to see, the customer is the most is to see the product, company introduction and contact, the other, very few. The order can be changed, this is absolutely no problem. 第三、得懂點優化的知識 Third, understand the knowledge of a bit of optimization SEO論壇提議優化的知識還是學點比較好,這樣網站建設好了之后,不用更新,排名也會給你上去,雖然不會給你上太前面幾頁。比如首頁的關鍵詞布局啊,結構層次啊,別把文件放這么深,蜘蛛抓取難度加大,對優化也不利的。 SEO forum proposed to optimize the knowledge or learning point is better, so the website construction is good, no update, the ranking will be given to you, although it will not give you too many pages. For example, home page keyword layout, structure level ah, do not put the document so deep, spiders crawl harder and more difficult to optimize.